In addition to our publications journals and digital publications, we offer online services such as databases or searchable dictionaries.


Schweizerbart offers the following online databases:

D. Kaehler: Bibliography of Hempiptera: Auchenorrhyncha & Steonrrhyncha

A professional, constantly updated and augmented bibliography of more than 48000 references to publications on Auchenorrhyncha-Stenorrhyncha (Hemiptera) species, plant-sucking insects (greenflies, aphids, plant lice) relevant to agriculture, silviculture and agricultural research
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DMG Member Search

Find details of member of the DMG (Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft).
This service is restricted to DMG members that need to log in with their customer account.

Online Tools

Manuscript Management Service

An easy to use Electronic Manuscript Management System for submission of manuscripts for many journals