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Original paper

The Badenian parastratotype at ?idlochovice from the perspective of the multiproxy study

Doláková, Nela; Holcová, Katarína; Nehyba, Slavomír; Hladilová, Šrka; Brzobohatý, Rostislav; Zágoršek, Kamil; Hrabovský, Juraj; Seko, Michal; Utescher, Torsten
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, Band 271 Heft 2 (2014), p. 169 - 201

Contributions to bryozoology: a tribute to Ehrhard Voigt (1905-2004)

Ed.: Joachim Scholz; Paul D. Taylor; Norbert Vavra

2006. 176 pages, 40 figures, 10 tables, 22 plates, 21x30cm, 800 g
Language: English

(Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg, Band 257)

ISBN 978-3-510-61384-7, paperback, price: 39.80 €

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Original paper

A multi-technique approach for the determination of the porous structure of building stone

Barbera, Giovanni; Barone, Germana; Crupi, Vincenza; Longo, Francesca; Maisano, Giacomo; Majolino, Domenico; Mazzoleni, Paolo; Raneri, Simona; Teixeira, Josè; Venuti, Valentina
European Journal of Mineralogy, Volume 26 Number 1 (2014), p. 189 - 198
Original paper

The Upper Cretaceous - Lower Tertiary marine to continental transition in the Bagua basin, northern Peru - Paleontology, biostratigraphy, radiometry, correlations

Mourier, Thomas; Bengtson, Peter; Bonhomme, Michel; Buge, Emile; Cappettta, Henri; Crochet, Jean-Yves; Feist, Monique; Hirsch, Karl F.; Jaillard, Etienne; Laubacher, Gérard; Lefranc, Jean Philippe; Moullade, Michel; Noblet, Christophe; Pons, Denise; Rey, Jacques; Sigé, Bernard; Tambareau, Yvette; Taquet, Philippe
Newsletters on Stratigraphy, Volume 19 Number 3 (1988), p. 143 - 177