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Original paper

Crystal structure refinement of a sepiolite/indigo Maya Blue pigment using molecular modelling and synchrotron diffraction

Giustetto, Roberto; Levy, Davide; Wahyudi, Olivia; Ricchiardi, Gabriele; Vitillo, Jenny G.
European Journal of Mineralogy, Volume 23 Number 3 (2011), p. 449 - 466
Original paper

Periodic B3LYP study of hydroxyapatite (001) surface modelled by thin layer slabs

Corno, Marta; Orlando, Roberto; Civalleri, Bartolomeo; Ugliengo, Piero
European Journal of Mineralogy, Volume 19 Number 5 (2007), p. 757 - 767
Original paper

Inelastic neutron scattering and lattice dynamics of minerals

Chaplot, Samrath L.; Choudhury, Narayani; Ghose, Subrata; Rao, Mala N.; Mittal, Ranjan; Goel, Prabhatasree
European Journal of Mineralogy, Volume 14 Number 2 (2002), p. 291 - 329

Karl Heinrich Hartge; Rainer Horn:

Essential Soil Physics

An introduction to soil processes, functions, structure and mechanics

Ed.: Robert Horton; Rainer Horn; Jörg Bachmann; Stephan Peth

2016. 391 pages, 186 figures, 24 tables, 17x24cm, 940 g
Language: English

ISBN 978-3-510-65339-3, paperback, price: 65.00 €

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