Bibliotheca Diatomologica - Instructions to Authors

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Bibliotheca Diatomologica publishes monographs on all kinds of diatoms (Bacillariophyceae), algae with a siliceous skeleton. This includes papers on the physiology, taxonomy, morphology, ecological aspects, phytogeography and geobotany of diatoms.

Manuscripts intended for publication in Bibliotheca Diatomologica should be submitted to the scientific editors:

Prof. Dr. H. Lange-Bertalot
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Botanisches Institut, Siesmayerstr. 70, 60323 Frankfurt, Germany

Prof. Dr. Patrick Kociolek
Museum of Natural History, University of Colorado, UCB 218, Boulder, Colorado 80309, USA

If you are preparing a rather long manuscript, please contact the editors before completing the paper. As soon as your contribution was accepted in its final form please prepare a word-file and send this file and all figures separately as original data (tif, eps or jpg) to the publisher:

Gebr. Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung
Johannesstraße 3 A
70176 Stuttgart, Germany

Authors will receive 10 complimentary copies and may purchase additional copies at author’s discount from the publisher.

Correspondence on matters other than content of the manuscript should directly be sent to the publisher.

Preparation of typescripts

Manuscripts must be prepared electronically (if possible Word for Windows). Text should be single line spaced. Block letters, hard returns and hyphenation at the end of a line must be avoided. Please use bold type for titles and headings. Systematic names of genus and species (not of families and higher categories) have to be italicised.
Please structure the manuscript in the following way:

Names of the author/s, the full address/es of the author/s, e-mail address/es, number of illustrations and tables, contents, summary.
References have to be placed at the end of the typescript.

Figures: All figures have to be numbered consecutively. They should be placed at the end of the word file on separate pages, respectively, or may supplied as separate single files. All details of the figures must be clearly readable when reduced to the printing area of the series (approx. 11 x 18,5 cm). Please indicate (in the manuscript) an approximate position for the figures.

Resolution of figure files: Line drawings should be supplied as vectorized data (eps, pdf, svg) or with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi at final printing size. Bitmap graphics should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at final printing size. Please embed all fonts in figures and text.

Figure formats: Accepted formats are tif and jpg for bitmap figures; pdf, eps or svg for vectorized data.
Colour printing: Colour printing is possible against moderate charges. Please contact the publishers.

Figure captions: Detailed and complete figure captions have to be added at the end of the manuscript.

Tables: Tables have to be numbered consecutively and should be placed on separate pages with headings at the end of the manuscript. Please indicate where tables have to be placed.

Cover details: Please supply a suitable color figure (with caption) for the front cover and a short summary of the book content (half page, briefly address the treated topic(s) and indicate the readership of the volume).

Literature references have to be restricted to the publications referred to in the text. Examples for literature references:

Albertano, P., Bruno, L. & Bellezza, S. (2005): New strategies for the monitoring and control of cyanobacterial film on valuable lithic faces. – Plant Biosyst. 139: 311–322.
Barberousse, H., Tell, G., Yéprémian, C. & Couté, A. (2006): Diversity of algae and cyanobacteria growing on buildings facades in France. – Algol. Stud. 120: 81–105.
Komárek, J. & Fott, B. (1983): Chlorophyceae (Grünalgen), Ordnung Tetrasporales. – In: Huber- Pestalozzi (ed.), Das Phytoplankton des Süßwassers 16, Teil 7/1: 1–1001. Schweizerbart Verlag, Stuttgart.
Clescerl, L.S., Greenberg, A.E. & Eaton, A.D. (1995): Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. – American Public Health Association, Washington D.C., 1325 pp.

Proof reading: The authors (corresponding author for multi-author-papers) will receive a pdf-file of the proof and the cover of the book. This proof has to be checked immediately, corrections have to be returned either by e-mail (annotated pdf) or fax to the publishers. In cases where the author is prevented from proofchecking, he/she should appoint a representative for this purpose. If the corrections are not returned in time, the paper will be published without authors corrections. Only typesetting errors or minor technical changes are accepted, extensive corrections will be charged.

Copyright: With acceptance and publication of a manuscript the exclusive copyright for the manuscript is transferred to the publishers. This includes the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article including reprints, microfilm or any other reproduction (printed or electronic) and translations for all languages and countries.

Publisher: Gebrüder Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung (Nägele u.Obermiller), Johannesstraße 3A, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany, Phone +49(0)711-3514560, Fax +49(0)711-35146699,,

March 2016