Open Access fees (APC) for Fundamental and Applied Limnology (FAL)

Fundamental and Applied Limnology (FAL) offers optional open access publication to its authors. All FAL papers published Open Access are published under the Creative Commons CC-BY NC license, which allows unrestricted distribution, but prohibits commercial exploitation. Authors retain the copyright to their works. An article processing charge (APC) applies to Open Access papers published in FAL (see below).

OA-fee - Article processing charge (APC)

The OA-fee consists of a base fee (€140 per article) and a page fee (€ 149 per published page) and is charged for papers up to and including 16 pages. OA-fees for papers exceeding 16 pages in length are negotiated individually. The fee includes all applicable taxes.
In cases, where the editors decide that language editing is required, a language editing charge of € 12.00 per typeset page (plus VAT, where applicable) is levied in addition to the OA-fee.
Fee example: The fee for a hypothetical paper of 6 typeset pages (which does not require language editing) amounts to €140 + €149 * 6 = € 1034.00

OA-fees are invoiced and payable prior to online publication of your paper.

Fundamental and Applied Limnology, Optional OA publishing fee overview:
Base fee: €140 (per article)
Page fee: €149 (per published page)
Language editing fee: €12 (only where required by the editors; plus VAT, where applicable)