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MetZet impact factor on the way up!

Atmospheric scientists choosing a suitable journal for their current research results as well as for comprehensive overview articles obviously appreciate the new features of the Meteorologische Zeitschrift (MetZet). Recently, the rapid publication process, the online availability, and the optional Open Acccess have made the MetZet, the English language joint publication of the Austrian, Swiss, and German Meteorological Societies, more attractive as a forum for the international atmosperic sciences community. This results in a significant rise of both the impact factor and the immediacy factor:
Compared to the year 2007, the 2-year impact factor went up from 0.98 to 1.27; the 5-year impact factor even reached 1.36. The immediacy factor increased from 0.36 to 1.17. The MetZet editorial board would like to thank all authors and reviewers for contributing to the success of this journal.

New Met Zet Special Issues

A popular feature of the MetZet are the Special Issues, each focusing on the highlights of an international meteorological conference or workshop. The MetZet dedicated two volumes to the 14th International Symposium for the Advancement of Boundary Layer Remote Sensing (ISARS08, Special Issue "ISARS I", the second MetZet volume of 2009, is a complete open access volume. In Special Issue "ISARS II", additional highlights from ISARS are presented together with a selection of other articles.
Most recently, the exciting Special Issue focusing on the Workshop on Variability of the Global Atmospheric Circulation During the Past 100 Years (ACV) appeared as MetZet Volume 18 No. 4 (2009). The ACV Special Issue deals with a variety of topics ranging from energy budget considerations to storms and monsoon systems and their relation to climate change.

Future Special Issues

Members of steering committees who would like to take the opportunity to have elaborated versions of the most interesting conference presentations published without delay in a peer-reviewed journal are invited to contact the MetZet Editorial Office. Currently, the following Special Issues are in preparation: METTOOLS VII concerning meteorological aspects of environmental safety, (20th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology (ICAM 2009), and 21st Century Challenges in Regional-scale Climate Modelling (RCM 2009).

New Classic Papers Series

Often scientists are not aware of the source of ground-breaking achievements in atmospheric research because the original publications have not been available in English translation to date. Therefore, MetZet realized a translation of previous German language publications of historic impact which are still considered visionary till this day. Besides the translation, each article is accompanied by a concise analysis setting it in relation to current atmospheric research. Please find an overview at, and the first Classic Paper on "Biomass Burning Aerosols and Climate" based on a paper by A. Danckelman which appeared as early as 1884 (Meteorol. Z. 1, 301-311, 1884).


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