Submit your paper online

Schweizerbart offers an easy way to use Electronic Manuscript Management System for submission of manuscripts for the following journals:

Algological Studies (ISSN 1864-1316)

Anthropologischer Anzeiger (ISSN 0003-5548)

Fundamental and Applied Limnology (ISSN 1863-9135)

Global Tectonics and Metallogeny (ISSN 0163-3171)

Meteorologische Zeitschrift (ISSN 0941-2948)

Newsletters on Stratigraphy (ISSN 0078-0421)

River Systems (ISSN 1868-5749)

This system allows easy handling and transparency for all submissions. First time authors please enter the resp. journal site and register as author. You will then receive a welcome email with your password and user name. Once registered you can easily follow the 5 step submission procedure and upload your manuscript to the journal's Manuscript Management System.

The system allows to constantly track the process of your valuable scientific results until you finally receive notice from the publisher that your manuscript is ready to be printed. Please find below the following guidelines:

User manual for authors (pdf)
User manual for reviewers (pdf)
User manual for editors (pdf)

If you experience any trouble with the system, please consult the user manuals above or contact our staff at

Thank you for considering our journals to publish your valuable scientific results.