Open Access fees (APC) for Nova Hedwigia

Nova Hedwigia offers optional open access publication to its authors. All papers are published under the Creative Commons CC-BY NC license, which allows free distribution, but prohibits commercial exploitation. Authors retain the copyright to their works.

OA-fee - Article processing charge (APC)

The OA-fee consists of a base fee (€140 per article) and a page fee (€ 119 per published page) and is charged for papers up to and including 16 pages. OA-fees for papers exceeding 20 pages in length are negotiated individually. The fee includes all applicable taxes.
Color illustrations in the printed version are charged at € 29,90 (plus taxes) per page which contains color illustrations.
Fee example: The fee for a hypothetical paper of 6 typeset pages (plus two printed pages with color figures) amounts to €140 + €119 * 6 * € 29,90* 2 = € 913,80 (plus applicable taxes)

OA-fees are invoiced and payable before a paper is published online.

Nova Hedwigia OA publishing fee overview:
Base fee: €140 (per article)
Page fee: €119 (per published page)
Color figures in print: €29,90 (per page containing color images, plus applicable taxes)