Instructions to authors

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1. General

The ZDGG, issued by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften (German Society of Geosciences), publishes original manuscripts from the entire field of geosciences (solid earth).
A year’s volume consists of four issues, published in print and online.
All accepted articles are published online (fast track) after author’s release and will receive a citable DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Please send manuscripts to the editor in charge:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoppe
Albertstraße 23B
79104 Freiburg
Phone: +49 (761)42962653

You should submit to the editor-in-chief:
Electronic files of the manuscript text (preferably doc) and of all figures and tables (initially pdf), alternatively three hard copies of the complete manuscript.
– Manuscripts may be submitted in English or German.
– The manuscript should comply with the rules of Good Scientific Practice (see: funding/legal_conditions/good_scientific_practice/index/ index.html).
– English articles must be checked by a native speaker.
– All manuscripts will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers. The reviewers will be organised by the editor- in-chief; recommendations by the authors can be considered.
– After acceptance for publication the technical editor will edit the manuscript until imprimatur.

2. Copyright

– Manuscripts may not be published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
– With acceptance and publication of a manuscript the exclusive copyright for every language and country is transferred to the publishers. The copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article including reprints, photocopies, microfilms, and data storage and distribution in electronic form.
– Authors are allowed to distribute the last pre-publication version via the internet according to the rules of “fair use” for scientific and non-commercial purposes.

3. Manuscript structure and layout

3.1 Manuscript elementes

Irrespective of the language all manuscripts must include the following elements:
– Manuscript title in English and German,
– First and last names of all authors (indication of academic titles are optional; corresponding author should be marked),
– Address of all authors,
– E-mail addresses of all authors
– Abstract and “Kurzfassung” (abstract in German) (an abstract written in the mother tongue of the study area is welcome),
– Keywords and “Schlüsselwörter” (keywords in German),
– Text
– Acknowledgements
– References
– Figure and table captions; English manuscripts must also have German captions.
A table of contents is not applicable.

3.2 Manuscript text

– Manuscript texts must be submitted in an editable format (preferably: doc; not pdf).
– Text pages must be consecutively numbered.
– The text should be submitted left-justified; the font is “Times New Roman”, font size is 11 points, line spacing is 1.5.
– Write names of species and genera in italic and terms to be emphasised in bold or underlined. Otherwise, the text should not have any formatting, particularly no bookmarks, automatic structuring or numbering, small caps, hyphenation, indenting or header and footer.
– Footnotes should be avoided.
– For English articles the text should be marked as “English (U.K.)”.
– For German articles the new German spelling and the Duden recommendations have to be applied.
– The text has to be structured in consecutively numbered chapters; apply secondary chapters only if there are at least two subchapters.

3.3 Figures and tables

– At the first submission of the manuscript all figures and tables have to be submitted as PDF files and as numbered hard copies.
– Figures should be drafted with space limitations in mind; all text must be legible at the printed scale: figures and tables should have a line width and lettering suitable for reduction to the type area of 17.5 x 23.5 cm or less. Figures and tables can also be scaled to fit one column (8.5 cm).
– After acceptance for publication by the editor-in-chief all files of figures and tables must be submitted on separate pages; they may not be embedded into the text.
– Pixel-based line art figures must be supplied in tif or jpg format (not pdf) at a resolution not less than 600 dpi. Photographs should be sharp and of high contrast. Electronically submitted halftones and photographs must be provided at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. In the case of eps files all fonts must be embedded.
– Tables must be submitted in a editable format (doc, xls).
– The position of figures and tables in the text may be proposed by the author.
– All figures and tables must consecutively numbered in the text.
– In German articles the figure captions must be also submitted in English; German captions in English articles are not applicable.

3.4 References in the text

– References within the text must be by name of author/s, year and, if necessary, place (page or figure number) in the cited reference. The place in the cited reference must to be positioned behind a colon: e.g. Meier 2001: 24, Müller 2008: Fig. 3.
– Multiple citations are separated by comma: e.g. Müller 2000, 2003, Meier 2001.
– For two authors use the “&” notation; for more than two authors quote the first author followed by the “et al.”: e.g. Müller et al. 1995.

3.5 Citations in the reference list

List only and all cited references. References must be listed in alphabetical-chronological order.


(a) Journals
Brockamp, O., Pache, T. & Clauer, N. (2011): Clay mineral content of Quaternary sediments at the Gorleben salt dome (Northern Germany). – Z. Dt. Ges. Geowiss., 162 (3): 332–348.

(b) Chapters in monographs
Stets, J. & Schäfer, A. (2011): The Lower Devonian Rhenohercynian Rift – 20 Ma of sedimentation and tec-tonics (Rhenish Massif, W-Germany). – In: McCann, T. (ed.): Tectonics and sedimentation. – Z. Dt. Ges. Geowiss., 162 (2): 93–115.

(c) Monographs
Baumgartner, A. & Liebscher, H.-J. (1996): Lehrbuch der Hydrologie; Band 1: Allgemeine Hydrologie: 694 S., Stuttgart (Schweizerbart).

4. Proofs

– The corresponding author will receive a digital proof from the publisher (pdf format).
– Corrections may not cause more than a 1 % of cost increase; failing this the author will be charged for additional costs.
– The corrected proof must be send promptly to the technical editor.

5. Reprints

– The corresponding author will receive a pdf-file of the article from the publisher at no charge.
– Reprints may be ordered from the publisher against costs:
E. Schweizerbart’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung
Johannesstr. 3A
D-70176 Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 711-351456-0
Fax: +49 711-351456-99