Original paper

A spectral approach to satellite land cover classification of remote European mountain lake districts

Casals-Carrasco, P.; Ventura, Marc; Gond, Valery; Madhavan, Babu; Pretus, Joan; Catalan, Jordi

Advances in Limnology Volume 62 (2009), p. 353 - 365

15 references

published: Dec 23, 2009

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Lake regionalisation studies and model up-scaling in remote mountain areas usually require lithological and soil cover data, which are not always available at the demanded resolution or geographical coverage in existing documents. Here we describe how using Landsat-TM images we classified land cover in 11 mountain lake districts across Europe. Ten land cover classes were distinguished: forest patches, meadows, herbaceous patches, peat, outcrops, bright scree, dark scree, scarps, moraines and glacier or snowfields. The classes were extracted separately from image pairs of bands selected on the basis of their spectral information. Then, the class images obtained were added into a final classified image. The classified information was stored in a geographical information system providing lake-individualised information for future limnological studies.


land coverLandsatenvironmentsnowicegeomorphologylake regionalization