Original paper

Optical characterization of Argentinean lakes, from deep Andean lakes to shallow Pampean ones

Pérez, Gonzalo L.

Advances in Limnology Volume 65 (2014), p. 409 - 430

58 references

published: Jul 7, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/1612-166X/2014/0065-0054

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The purpose of this article is to aboard phytoplankton community as an optically active particulate component of water systems. Mayor concepts of hydrologic optics such as water components and processes that determine the nature of underwater light field were briefly revised. A detailed optical characterization of several contrasting Argentinean lakes is presented. From large deep oligotrophic Andean lakes to very shallow eutrophic Pampean lakes, I describe these aquatic systems using bio-optical properties (i. e., inherent and apparent optical properties) together with optically active substances (i. e., TSS, DOC and Chl a). Spatial variability of optically active substances and their optical properties were used to confront different group of lakes. Finally, throughout the study of phytoplankton absorption coefficients, acclimation and adaptation processes in contrasting lakes were revised.


Phytoplanktonoptical characterizationlakesshallow lakesphytoplankton absorption coefficient