Advances in Limnology - Volume 63

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Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 2008

10th International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes, Winnipeg, Canada

Ed.: Ross F. Tallmann; Kimberley L. Howland; Michael D. Rennie; Kenneth Mills

2012. VIII, 559 pages, 188 figures, 76 tables, 16x25cm, 1130 g
Language: English

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The papers presented in this issue, stemming from the 10th Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes, owe a great deal to the vision and foresight of Dr. Casimir Lindsey who was the instigator of the first meeting of this type in Winnipeg, 1969 (Lindsey & Woods 1970).

The contents of the proceedings of this 10th meeting present data on whitefishes, as far south as Utah and Georgia and as far north as 70 degrees latitude. They cover a broad longitudinal range of countries including the United States, Russia, Austria, Finland, Norway, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and Poland. Like the first proceedings and the many that have followed, the topics range from basic ecology to behaviour, and from taxonomy to genetics. Six major categories are covered: Several papers deal with habitat adaptation and distribution in time and space (Siberia; Lakes Michigan, Superior and Lake Mondsee, Austria). Another suite of papers is concerned with life history variation and migration in rivers and lakes (Yukon River, in Finland rivers, Lake Constance (Germany), Mackenzie River and its basin). The understanding of evolutionary genetics and systematics and the high ecological relevance of whitefishes is greatly enhanced by several papers (on Lake Baikal whitefish, Coregonus peled, Lake Mondsee Coregonids, fishes of the White Sea Kuloi Plateau, European whitefish, Lake Whitefish from Lake Huron, Lake Baikal fishes, east Siberian Coregonids, and on Great Slave Lake ciscoes). Several papers related to fisheries and stock assessment advance our knowledge on hatchery effects on wild recruitment, on changes in the Lake Superior fish community, on assessment of vendace in South Georgia, followed by a summary paper on 123 years of study of a small scale fishery, and on the effect of removals on larval abundance. Five papers enlarge our understanding of the impacts of multiple stressors such as climate change, industrial development and invasive species on Coregonids (on lake whitefish in Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, on climate change effects in Minnesota lakes, on the effects of ecosystem change in the Great Lakes, and on recovering whitefish stocks in the Detroit River). Finally, four important papers on issues in conservation and species at risk on Powan in Scotland, on endangered whitefish in Finland, on Coregonid fishes in Bear Lake, Utah and on the conservation of vendace in the United Kingdom round up this volume. Of note are the number of papers from the great lakes of the world which are presented.

This most recent collection of work is as informative and as influential as the proceedings that have come before it and will inspire countless other researchers in their study of the Coregonid familiy of fishes.

Original paper

Depth segregation of deepwater ciscoes (Coregonus spp.) in Lake Michigan during 1930–1932 and range expansion of Coregonus hoyi into deeper waters after the 1990s

Bunnell, David B.; Eshenroder, Randy L.; Krause, Ann E.; Adams, Jean V.

p. 3-24, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures, 5 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300033 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/3

Original paper

The distribution and abundance of deepwater ciscoes in Canadian waters of Lake Superior

Pratt, Thomas C.

p. 25-41, published: Apr 2, 2012
8 figures, 5 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300029 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/25

Original paper

Relief structure of scales in Coregonid fishes from Lake Baikal: differences between morpho-ecological groups of omul (Coregonus migratorius Georgy) and Siberian whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus pidschian Gmelin)

Tyagun, Marina L.

p. 43-53, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300025 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/43

Original paper

Relief Structure of Coregonid Scale through Reconstruction of Stereopair Three-dimensional Images

Tyagun, Marina L.; Khodzher, Tatyana A.

p. 55-63, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures

ArtNo. ESP143006300001 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/55

Original paper

Repeat surveys of spawning cisco (Coregonus artedi) in western Lake Superior: timing, distribution and composition of spawning stocks

Yule, Daniel L.; Schreiner, Donald R.; Addison, Peter A.; Seider, Michael J.; Evrard, Lori M.; Geving, Steven A.; Quinlan, Henry R.

p. 65-87, published: Apr 2, 2012
8 figures, 4 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300021 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/65

Original paper

Experimental evaluation of the spawning periods of whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus complex) in Lake Mondsee, Austria

Wanzenböck, Josef; Pamminger-Lahnsteiner, Barbara; Winkler, Kathrin; Weiss, Steven J.

p. 89-97, published: Apr 2, 2012
2 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300030 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/89

Original paper

Documentation of Annual Spawning Migrations of Anadromous Coregonid Fishes in a Large River using Maturity Indices, Length and Age Analyses, and CPUE

Brown, R.J.; Daum, D.W.; Zuray, S.J.; Carter III, W.K.

p. 101-116, published: Apr 2, 2012
8 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300005 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/101

Original paper

Migration to the sea of river spawning whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus L.) fry in the northern Baltic Sea

Jokikokko, E.; Huhmarniem, A.; Leskelä, A.; Vähä, V.

p. 117-125, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300031 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/117

Original paper

Gonadosomatic index of pelagic spawning female whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus L.) in Lake Constance-Upper Lake

Roesch, R.

p. 127-132, published: Apr 2, 2012
2 figures

ArtNo. ESP143006300013 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/127

Original paper

Reproduction vs. growth: indications for altered energy fl uxes in Lake Constance whitefish through size-selective fishery

Thomas, G.; Eckmann, R.

p. 133-146, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300009 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/133

Original paper

Comparison of life history traits between anadromous and lacustrine stocks of broad whitefish (Coregonus nasus): An intra-specific test of Roff’s hypothesis

Vangerwen-Toyne, M.; Tallman, R.F.; Gillis, D.

p. 159-173, published: Apr 2, 2012
4 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300006 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/159

Original paper

Search for genetic bases of species differences between Lake Baikal coregonid fishes: whitefish, C. baicalensis, and omul, C. migratorius

Bychenko, O.S.; Sukhanova, L.V.; Azhikina, T.L.; Sverdlov, E.D.

p. 177-186, published: Apr 2, 2012
2 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300014 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/177

Original paper

Biological and genetic diversity in peled (Coregonus peled) populations, introduced beyond south edge of the range, into Tuvinian lakes

Gordeeva, N.V.; Karmanova, O.G.; Shitova, M.V.

p. 187-196, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300015 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/187

Original paper

Does segregated spawning time prevent the introgression of stocked whitefish species into native species? A morphometric and genetic study in Lake Mondsee, Austria

Pamminger-Lahnsteiner, B.; Winkler, K.A.; Weiss, S.; Wanzenböck, J.

p. 197-208, published: Apr 2, 2012
4 figures, 3 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300010 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/197

Original paper

The Origin of Coregonid Fishes of the White Sea Kuloi Plateau

Sendek, D.S.; Novoselov, A.P.; Studenov, I.I.; Gurichev, P.A.

p. 209-227, published: Apr 2, 2012
4 figures, 5 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300017 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/209

Original paper

Temporal stability in gill raker numbers of subarctic European whitefish populations

Siwertsson, A.; Knudsen, R.; Amundsen, P.-A.

p. 229-240, published: Apr 2, 2012
3 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300026 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/229

Original paper

Genetic structure of lake whitefish, Coregonus clupeaformis, populations in the northern main basin of Lake Huron

Stott, W.; Ebener, M.P.; Mohr, L.; Schaeffer, J.; Roseman, E.F.; Harford, W.J.; Johnson, J.E.; Fietsch, C.-L.

p. 241-260, published: Apr 2, 2012
4 figures, 6 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300002 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/241

Original paper

Molecular Phylogeography of Lake Baikal Coregonid Fishes

Sukhanova, L.V.; Smirnov, V.V.; Smirnova-Zalumi, N.S.; Belomestnykh, T.V.; Kirilchik, S.V.

p. 261-283, published: Apr 2, 2012
6 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300027 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/261

Original paper

Intra- and interspecific features of the composition and structure of blood cells of coregonid fishes from the East-Siberian region

Yakhnenko, V.; Klimenkov, I.; Mamontov, A.; Yakhnenko, M.

p. 285-297, published: Apr 2, 2012
8 figures, 3 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300007 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/285

Original paper

A preliminary assessment of cisco (Coregonus spp.) diversity in Yellowknife Bay, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

Vecsei, P.; Blackie, C.T.; Muir, A.M.; Machtans, H.M.; Reist, J.D.

p. 299-322, published: Apr 2, 2012
8 figures, 5 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300028 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/299

Original paper

Massive stocking with hatchery larvae may constrain natural recruitment of whitefish stocks and induce unwanted evolutionary changes

Eckmann, R.

p. 325-336, published: Apr 2, 2012
1 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300022 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/325

Original paper

Successional Change in the Lake Superior Fish Community: Population Trends in Ciscoes, Rainbow Smelt, and Lake Trout, 1958--2008

Gorman, O.T.

p. 337-362, published: Apr 2, 2012
8 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300003 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/337

Original paper

Long-term assessment of a vendace (Coregonus albula L.) stock in Lake Paravani, South Georgia

Japoshvili, Bella

p. 363-369, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300034 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/363

Original paper

Lessons to Learn from 123 Years of Catch Data from a Small Scale Whitefish Fishery

Sandlund, O.T.; Diserud, O.H.; Næsje, T.F.

p. 371-382, published: Apr 2, 2012
5 figures

ArtNo. ESP143006300023 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/371

Original paper

Effects of mass fish removal on coregonid larval abundance in a large mesotrophic lake

Urpanen, O.; Keskinen, T.; Marjomäki, T.J.; Sakomaa, V.; Salo, H.; Syrjänen, J.; Viljanen, M.; Karjalainen, J.

p. 383-395, published: Apr 2, 2012
6 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300032 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/383

Original paper

Lake Whitefish Feeding habits and condition in Lake Michigan

Fagan, K.-A.; Koops, M.A.; Arts, M.T.; Sutton, T.M.; Power, M.

p. 399-415, published: Apr 2, 2012
3 figures, 5 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300011 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/399

Original paper

The effects of climate change and eutrophication on cisco Coregonus artedi abundance in Minnesota lakes

Jacobson, P.C.; Cross, T.K.; Zandlo, J.; Carlson, B.N.; Pereira, D.P.

p. 417-427, published: Apr 2, 2012
6 figures

ArtNo. ESP143006300016 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/417

Original paper

Retrospective growth analysis of lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) in Lakes Erie and Ontario, 1954-2003

Lumb, C.E.; Johnson, T.B.

p. 429-454, published: Apr 2, 2012
12 figures, 4 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300008 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/429

Original paper

Can migration mitigate the effects of ecosystem change? Patterns of dispersal, energy acquisition and allocation in Great Lakes lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis)

Rennie, M.D.; Ebener, M.P.; Wagner, T.

p. 455-476, published: Apr 2, 2012
7 figures, 3 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300004 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/455

Original paper

Life History Characteristics of a Recovering Lake Whitefish Coregonus clupeaformis Stock in the Detroit River, North America

Roseman, E.F.; Kennedy, G.; Manny, B.A.; Boase, J.; McFee, J.

p. 477-501, published: Apr 2, 2012
8 figures, 4 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300024 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/477

Original paper

Discontinuous infraspecific variation in ecological and morphological traits has consequences for conservation of powan (Coregonus lavaretus) in Scotland

Etheridge, E.C.; Bean, C.W.; Maitland, P.S.; Ballantyne, S.; Adams, C.E.

p. 505-517, published: Apr 2, 2012
7 figures

ArtNo. ESP143006300012 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/505

Original paper

The endangered whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus pallasi) population in the Koitajoki River, eastern Finland: the present state and threats

Haakana, H.; Huuskonen, H.

p. 519-533, published: Apr 2, 2012
10 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300018 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/519

Original paper

Artificial Reef Construction and use by three endemic Coregonid whitefishes in Bear Lake, Utah, USA

Tolentino, S.; Moon, M.

p. 535-546, published: Apr 2, 2012
2 figures, 1 tables

ArtNo. ESP143006300019 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/535

Original paper

Conservation of the vendace (Coregonus albula), the U.K.’s rarest freshwater fish

Winfield, I.J.; Adams, C.E.; Bean, C.W.; Cameron Durie, N.; Fletcher, J.M.; Gowans, A.R.; Harrod, C.; James, J.B.; Lyle, A.A.; Maitland, P.S.; Thompson, C.; Verspoor, E.

p. 547-559, published: Apr 2, 2012
3 figures

ArtNo. ESP143006300020 Price: 29.00 € DOI: 10.1127/advlim/63/2012/547

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