Original paper

Die Chironomiden-Biozönosen der Jugoslawischen Donaustrecke

[The chironomid communities in the Yugoslav part of the River Danube]

Janković, Mirjana


The mud-dwellers of stagnant water occur in the flood-plain, in backwaters and in dead loops. Chironomus plumosus is the main species and production is high. In the river itself communities inhabiting sand, mud and bare stone or rock are distinguished. Production by the last is low, only 20-300 mg/m2. On sandy substrata production is from 50 gr to 1.5 kg/ha. The mud fauna is the most productive, particularly where there is some movement of the water and production reaches 240 kg/ha.


backwatersandmudbare stoneRiver DanubeYugoslavia