Original paper

Paludicella articulata EHRENBERG (Bryozoa, Ectoprocta) and Urnatella gracilis LEIDY (Kamptozoa), new for the Hungarian reach of the Danube

Pécsi, Tibor; Erdelics, Barnabás


In August and September, 1968, we found, during our collecting activities at Ráckeve in the Soroksár-stretch of the Danube (Fig. 1: 8), masses of Paludicella articulata and smaller numbers of Urnatella gracilis colonies, species which were hitherto unknown in the Hungarian part of the Danube. Incidentally, the occurrence at Ráckeve of P. articulata is the third find over the entire length of the river, since the species was hitherto known only from the Czechoslovakian reach from the localities of Petržalka and Radvaň (Brtek & Rothschein 1964).


Paludicella articulataUrnatella gracilisDanubeHungary