Original paper

Vergleichende Untersuchungen über benthische und phytophile Biocönosen einiger emerser Makrophyten des Donaudeltas mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Phragmites communis TRIN.

[Comparative studies on benthic and phytophilic biocoenoses living on some emersal macrophytes from the Danube Delta, with special reference to reed-grass (Phragmites communis)]

Rudescu, Ludwig; Popescu-Marinescu, Virginia


The benthic and epiphytic biocoenoses of Phragmites communis var rivularis, Phr. communis, Typha angustifolia var. angustata and Scirpus lacustris were studied. The richest epibionthic fauna occurs on Phr. communis var. rivularis, the poorest on Scirpus. The benthic fauna is richer in regions where the reed is cultivated than in natural reed-beds. At the periphery of reed-beds the benthic fauna is richer than the epibiontic; deep in these massifs, 81 animal species, which normally live on the bottom, became epibiontic; the epibiontic fauna therefore becomes here 3-5 times richer than the benthic one and represents an important element in the food of fish.


biocoenosesbenthicreed-bedsfaunaanimal speciesDanube Delta