Original paper

Untersuchungen über die Algenflora im Seenkomplex Crapina-Jijila

[The algae of the Crapina-Jijila lake-complex]

Moruzi, C.; Gavrilă, L.


Qualitative and quantitative studies of the phytoplankton were made. The composition of the phytoplankton community and differences in the horizontal and vertical planes depend on the ecological factors in the drainage basin and also on the relation between the lake complex and the River Danube. There is an antagonistic relationship between the quantity of macrophytes and the quantity of phytoplankton, determined by the depth and transparency of the water. The population in surface and deep samples are similar but not identical, especially in numbers. Chlorophyceae and Cyanophyceae grow better in summer, diatoms during the period of high water lend between September and April.


phytoplanktondrainagemacrophytesCrapina-Jijila lake-complex