Original paper

Die Salmonellen-Verunreinigung der Donau durch Abwässer in Bratislava

[Salmonella contamination of the Danube in Bratislava by sewage]

Kadlecová, O.; Odler, I.; Entnerová, K.


Between June 12, 1967 and June 12, 1968, the occurrence of Salmonella in the three main sewers of the city of Bratislava, as well as in the River Danube, 50, 100 and 200 meters below their outfall was investigated. Three samples were taken from each place (The presence of Salmonella was searched for in 1, 10, 100 and 200 ml of water). The method employed is described. In 1 ml of water, Salmonella has been found in the samples taken from the sewers and in those 50 and 100 meters below the mouth of the sewers. Altogether 415 strains of Salmonella belonging to 24 serological types have been isolated. Among these strains, even of Salm. typhi has been found. An attempt was made to find a temporal connection between the isolated serological types of Salmonella and their occurrence in people and animals in Bratislava.


SalmonellaserologicalSalmonella typhiBratislavaDanube