Original paper

Ökologie der Schwimmvögel der Donau, besonders in Niederösterreich

[Ecology of waterfowl of the Danube, particularly in Lower Austria]

Festetics, Antal; Leisler, Bernd


As the Austrian contribution on the international waterfowl counts, on the basis of a 5-year cooperation, the habitats and wintering numbers of waterfowl of one section of the Danube is discussed in this paper. In the first part, the course of the river, the habitat factors and the fauna and flora of the Danube in its entire length are described, to provide a background against which the Austrian reach can be discussed. This is described in the second part and the numbers of breeding and wintering waterfowl (as revealed by 3 midwinter censuses) are given. In the third and main part of this paper we consider, as a habitat for waterfowl the 128-km-long stretch in Vienna and Lower Austria where counts were made during 5 successive winters. The average numbers, phenology and distribution pattern, as well as feeding and roosting habits of each species are mentioned. The fourth part is an attempt at an ecological analysis of the river as a waterfowl habitat and comparison with a lake.


waterfowlhabitatphenologyDanubeViennaLower Austria