Original paper

Rotatorien aus einigen Auböden der Donau, aus ostmediterranen Böden und aus Kiew

[The Rotifers of some alluvial soils in the Danube Valley, and of soils from the eastern Mediterranean and Kiev]

Donner, P. Jos.


All Rotifers are aquatic, but the film of water that envelopes soil particles is sufficient for some, mostly Bdelloidea. The nature of the parent rock together with the mode of formation and subsequent history determine the nature of a soil. A characteristic assemblage of species has been found in soils in the Danube Valley, and it may be typical alluvial conditions. The soil type is the "semiterrestric" of Kubiena. The rotifers were observed directly in water extracts.


alluvial soilsBdelloidearotifersDanube Valley