Original paper

Limnomysis benedeni in Österreich mit Betrachtungen zur Besiedlungsgeschichte (Crustacea: Mysidacea)

[Limnomysis benedeni in Austria with considerations on its colonization history (Crustacea: Mysidacea)]

Weish, Peter; Türkay, Michael


Limnomysis benedeni, a preponderant fresh-water species, was found near Vienna on 13.10.1973 when two specimens were collected. Further investigation showed that the species occurs in the following localities: Schönau, Orth and some points towards the Czechoslovakian frontier. Up to now, the western border of distribution is represented by locality 1 in Text-Fig. 6. Outside Austria the species occurs along the Danube and has been found at Bratislava, some localities in Hungary from Mohacs to Budapest and in Romania up to 400 km from the Danube delta. Further on it was found in most of the rivers flowing to the Black and Caspian Seas (Ural, Volga, Don, Dnjepr, Bug, Dnjestr). In the Black and Caspian Seas the species occurs in the most brackish parts. Its distribution follows the borders of the Sarmatic Basin during the greatest extension in late Miocene. According to most authors, colonization occurred at that time and the distribution today is relictary. It should be emphasized that the species itself is not a relict but that its geographical distribution is a remainder of former times. It is pointed out that the distribution of the basal groups, which gave origin to the present species, probably followed the coasts of the Sarmatic Basin.


CrustaceaMysidaceamiocenebrackish waterDanubeAustria