Original paper

Änderungen in der Chironomiden-Besiedlung unter dem Einfluß des Djerdap-Stausees

[Changes in the chironomid Fauna caused by damming the Danube]

Janković, Mirjana


Out of 29 species that occurred in the Danube, only 15 were found in the Djerdap Reservoir. The rheophilous forms disappeared first, primarily the scarce psammorheophilous species from the genus Chryptochironomous and later the more abundant psammo- and litortheophilous species. Most of the Chironomidae are lacustrine and mainly pelophilous species. Intensive development of Chironomus f. l. plumosus was observed. In contrast, Chironomus f. l. thummi f. fluviatilis decreases gradually in number parallel to the diminshing flow in the basin.


ChironomidaerheophilusDanubeDjerdap ReservoirYugoslavia