Original paper

Limnologische Grundlagenforschung als Voraussetzung für den praktischen Gewässerschutz

[Fundamental limnological studies as a prerequisite for practieal water protection]

Russev, B.; Naidenov, W.


For a large part of the Danube there is a plenty of information about the bacterial -, phyto- and zoo-plankton, the microzoobenthos and the aquatic plants. More detailed data about the ichthyofauna of the whole length of the river exist. In all Danube countries more or less detailed hydrological and hydrochemical research has been carried out in the stream, and in some countries even the stagnant perennial and temporary waters have been investigated. This gives a rather exact picture of the hydrochemical properties and of the conditions and changes in the biocoenosis of the different river sections. Since the start of regular investigations, changes have taken place in the Danube which have influenced the living conditions in the river. These partly dangerous changes, caused by human interference with the natural water regime, are described, and preventive proposals presented.


microzoobenthosichthyofaunaDanube countriesaquatic plants