Original paper

Fische als Indikator der Gewässergüte und ihre Bedeutung für die wasserwirtschaftliche Nutzung

[Fishes as indicators of water quality and their significance for economic use]

Janković, D.


Fishes react differently to the intensity and nature of pollution, which makes them indicators of water quality. Alburnus alburnus L., Chondrostoma nasus L., Scardinius erychtrophthalmus L., Blica bjoerkna L., and others are rather tolerant of waste waters of industry, mining and sewage from villages and agriculture. The decrease of economically valuable fish species, Cyprinus carpio carpio L., Acipenser ruthenus L., Stizostedion lucioperca L., and others, in the Danube and its tributaries depend on various factors, one of them being the pollution caused by untreated effluents. The knowledge of these adverse effects on the fauna of the Danube system make possible an actual project for the development of fishery, the economic use and the fishing sport.


water qualityeconomic useagriculturefisherywaste waterDanube