Original paper

Inundationsgebiete und Delta in ihrer Beziehung zum Donauregime

[Inundation region and delta in relation to the regime of the River Danube]

Rudescu, Ludwig; Banu, A. C.


Between the main river, the inundation area and the delta exist hydrological and biological correlations which are in a natural balance. Fertile sediments and water rich in nutrients form a good food basis for the biocoenoses of the inundation area. The problem and its solution for the delta are described. It is possible to save what is left by damming already diminished inundation areas and combining management of fishery and reed cultivation. Hydromeliorative measurements nowadays yield as much as an fertile soil. Moreover the unchanged living conditions preserve the unique flora and fauna.


inundation areadeltafertile sedimentflorafaunaRiver Danube