Die Chironomidenfauna aus dem Periphyton in der jugoslawischen Donaustrecke

[The chironomids of the periphyton in the Yugoslav part of the River Danube]

Janković, Mirjana


The report gives a preliminary account of the fauna of a stretch of the Yugoslav part of the Danube, 50 km long. The results were obtained at the beginning of April 1971. Twenty-one chironomid species have been recorded, 80 % in the subfamily Orthocladiinae. Among the latter the most important were Cricotopus algarum and Rheorthocladius rubicundus, whereas the species Polypedilum gr. laetum was the most abundant among Chironominae. Waste waters reduce the production and number of species of chironomids.


chironomidsperiphytonfaunawaste waterRiver DanubeYugoslavia