Original paper

Primärproduktion im Crapina-Jijila-Komplex (Überschwemmungsgebiet der Donau) bei starken Überschwemmungen

[Primary productivity in the Crapina-Jijila Lake-Complex (Danube flooded area) during severe flooding]

Gavrilă, Lucian; Chiosilă, Ion; Schneider, Adrian


The work involved quantitative and qualitative studies of phytoplankton, together with measurement of primary productivity and of physical and chemical conditions. Investigations were made in two different ecological systems: Jijila, which is intensively cultivated and Crapina which is not. The balance of primary plankton production had positive values in both systems. In Jijila-Lake the primary production was higher and the biomass of phytoplankton was greater. This was attributed to the more intense cultivation.


ecological systembiomassphytoplanktonCrapina-Jijila-Complex