Original paper

Untersuchungen von Chironomidenlarven im Periphyton des jugoslawischen Donauteils zwischen Bezdan und Zemlin

[The study of the chironomids in the periphyton of the Yugoslav part of Danube between Bezdan and Zemun]

Janković, Mirjana


27 species and forms respectively of Chironomids were found in the periphyton of the Danube (upper Yugoslav section). The Orthocladiinae are particularly significant as regards both the number of species and the population density. The largest part of the larval population as a whole consists of three species: Crieotopus gr. silvestris, Cr. algarum and Microcricotopus bicolor. The widest range has Cr. gr. silvestris and two latter ones are important by reason of high population density.


chironomidsperiphytonlarval populationBezdanZemlinDanubeYugoslavia