Original paper

Ökologische Untersuchungen an den Testaceen in den Gewässern des eingedeichten Überschwemmungsgebietes Obretin (Donaudelta)

[Ecological studies on testaceans from the waters of the Obretin dam (Danube Delta)]

Godeanu, Stoika


The paper analyses from the quantitative and qualitative point of view the testacean fauna in the Obretin dammed zone of the Danube Delta. During the researches, which lasted for more than a year, 133 taxa were found. The main 22 taxa have been studied separately, their distribution, numerical dynamics and the physical and chemical conditions in which they develop being anlysed. The numerical fluctuation of the testaceans in the Obretin zone has been grossly analysed for every genus and, when necessary, even for every species. The distribution of the testaceans within the zone is described, and their dynamics attributed to hydrological, physical, chemical and biological causes. Some zoo-geographical remarks are also made.


testacean faunahydrologicalObretin damDanube Delta