Original paper

Einfluß der Corioliskraft auf die Breitenverteilung der Bodenablagerungen und der zugehörigen Biozönosen im bulgarischen Donauabschnitt

[Influence of the Coriolis' Force on the distribution on the bottom sediments and the communities belonging to them in the width of the Bulgarian Danube section]

Russev, B. K.


The author explaines by the Coriolis' Force the regularity established in the distribution of the gravel ground with its lithorheophilic biocenosis mainly in front of the right bank of the Danube river, of the sand ground with the psammorheophilic biocenosis in the middle of the river as well as towards the left bank, of the silty ground with a pelorheophilic biocenosis chiefly in front of the left bank of the river. According to this force the rivers in the northern hemisphere destroy their right banks and deposit the ruined materials on their left ones. The work is supported with comprehensive data concerning the quantitative distribution of the bottom sediments and the respective communities in total of 1036 points in the width of the river.


bottom sedimentbiocenosisDanubeBulgaria