Original paper

Chironomidae (Diptera-Nematocera) aus Rumänien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung jener aus dem hydrographischen Einzugsgebiet der Donau

[Chironomids (Diptera-Nematocera) of Romania with special reference to those of the Danube's hydrographical area]

Cure, Victoria


The work presents a complete list of the Chironomids founded till now in Romania - 406 species and larval forms - among whom 91,4% (378 species and larval forms) are originate in the Danube's hydrographical area. The rest of about 28 species (8,6%) were collected from the Black Sea's littoral zone (1,6%) or from the Retezat and Făgăraş mountains (Meridional Carpathians - 7%). Chironomids of the Romanian fauna belong to the following subfamilies: Tanypodinae - 10%; Chironominae - 41,3 % (Tribus Chironomini - 27,6%; Tribus Tanytarsini - 13,7%); Orthocladiinae - 43,2 %; Diamesinae - 5,5 %.


Chironomidshydrographical areaDanubeRomania