Original paper

Einige hydrochemische, hydrobiologische und ichthyologische Eigenschaften der jugoslawischen Donaustrecke in mehrjährigem Zeitraum

[Some hydrochemical, hydrobiological and ichthyological features of Yugoslav part of the Danube lasting for several years]

Petrović, Grozdana; Janković, Draga; Pujin, Vlasta


On the basis of the results of hydrochemical, hydrobiological and ichthyological researches lasting for several years some features of the water of the Yugoslav part of the Danube have been followed. On this basis it has been concluded that the growth of urbanization and industry development have caused increase of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, zinc, nickel and copper), although the contamination of this part of the Danube is lower with regard to the other sectors. The process of eutrophication is evident especially on the localities of municipal and industrial waste waters outflow. Rotatoria dominante in the structure of zooplankton, and number of present species varies depending on the years, season and locality. There have not been stated fundamental changes in qualitative structure within period lasting for several years, and that implies to certain increase of eutrophication process. The negative changes have been stated in ichthyofauna both in qualitative and quantitative structure of fish population. In Djerdap reservoir the distinct changes in the structure and composition of ichthyofauna have been stated, with expressed domination of the bream.