Original paper

Die bakterielle Degradation von Erdölkohlenwasserstoffen im Donauwasser

Tržilová. B., ; Miklošovičová, L.


Degradation of crude oil carbohydrates by organotrophic bacteria as a whole, by bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas and by yellow- and violetpigmented strains under experimental conditions in Danube water were studied. The groups of organotrophic bacteria were more sensitive to the presence of pollutants; this fact appeared as a decrease of the number of colonies and lower metabolic activity of the cells. Bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas and pigmented strains survived and multiplied even after 28-days exposition. The mineralizing ability showed dependence on the number, genus and physiological activity of bacteria. The examined bacterial groups degraded especially 9-19 carbon compounds. Aromatic components were degraded with higher intensity than the paraffine ones.


oil carbohydratesorganotrophic bacteriametabolic activityDanube