Original paper

Reed pests in the Danube Delta and their economic importance

Roman, Traian; Roman, Liliana


The paper presents some data on the evolution cycles, biology, ecology, attack frequency and intensity, zone distribution and damages produced by 33 primary pests and 8 secondary pests characteristic to the reed plots in the Danube Delta. The paper also presents data on 28 entomophagous insects of economic importance in maintaining the natural biologic balance plant - host. 90% of the pests described use the reed as development host from the egg stage till the adult coming out. Within the forms described 8 genuses and species attack the meristems, 11 the foliar apparatus, 15 the stem, 5 the inflorescence and 4 the rhizomes. As far as the favourite hydroclimatic conditions are concerned, 16 genuses and species frequently appear during the years with low flood-waters level, with warm and draughty springs and summers, while 11 of them appear during the years with late and cool springs and summers, with excessive and long-lasting floods.


pestsentomophagous insectsbiologyecologyDanube Delta