Original paper

Die Radioaktivität im tschechoslowakischen Donauabschnitt

[The radioactivity of the Czechoslovakian reach of the Danube River]

Mayer, Jan


Monthly water sampling and quarterly sediment sampling of the Czechoslovak section of the Danube was performed. Following parameters were determined: alpha- and betaactivity, the contents of Sr-90, Cs-137, Ra-226 and H-3. Also the accumulation of radionuclides in biological samples (fauna and flora) from the Danube, as well as in the sediment and in the suspended matter has been studied. The results of this investigation have shown that the radioactivity level of this Danube section is low, consisting mostly of natural radionuclides.


radioactivitysedimentfaunafloraRiver DanubeCzechoslovakia