Original paper

Phytoplanktonstudien an langsam fließenden Gewässern: Donau und Vils

[Phytoplankton studies of slowly running waters: Rivers Danube and Vils]

Steinberg, Christian; Heindel, Brigitte; Tille-Backhaus, Rolanda; Klee, Rolf


Phytoplankton studies were carried out at the regulated rivers Danube and Vils, Bavaria. Both rivers are considerably loaded with nutrients. Special reference is given to centric diatoms which form the dominating group of phytoplankters. Among these there appears to exist at least two taxa, Cyclostephanos dubius and Skeletonema potamos, which are favoured in their growth by river regulation measures. The question why cyanobacteria are not dominating in rivers with high nutrient loadings is discussed.


phytoplanktondiatomscyanobacteriaRiver DanubeRiver VilsGermany