Original paper

Nematoden aus dem Interstitial der Donau bei Fischamend (Niederösterreich)

[Interstitial nematodes from the Danube at Fischamend (Lower Austria)]

Eder, Robert


The interstitial nematode fauna was examined from a bed of gravel in the Danube downstream from Vienna (Stream-kilometer 1908/8). The midwater-line separates two different associations of nematodes. The density of nematodes decreases vertically in direct relation to the distance from the sediment surface. In the faunal association there is a difference between that of the Aufwuchs and that of the interstitial, which is more homogeneous. Within samples of the same stratum, there is a heterogeneity, which is discussed in relation to sampling. A list of nematode species found in the Danube is given.


nematodessedimentheterogeneityFischamendDanubeLower Austria