Original paper

Ein Lebendnachweis von Lithoglyphus naticoides (C. Pfeiffer 1828) in der österreichisch-bayrischen Donau (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia: Hydrobiidae)

[Prove of Lithoglyphus naticoides (C. Pfeiffer 1828) in the austrian and bavarian Danube (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia: Hydrobiidae)]

Frank, Christina


Living specimens of the Prosobranchia snail Lithoglyphus naticoides (C. Pf.) were found in the bavarian and in the austrian Danube (Obernzell, Kasten). This is a remarkable report, since this species has been reported as perished in this river. It is highly endangered in its central european area.


Lithoglyphus naticoidesDanubeGastropodaProsobranchiaHydrobiidae