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Cyanobacterium aponinum, a new Cyanoprokaryote from the microbial mat of Euganean thermal springs (Padua, Italy)

Moro, Isabella; Rascio, Nicoletta; La Rocca, Nicoletta; Di Bella, Monica; Andreoli, Carlo

Algological Studies Volume 123 (2007), p. 1 - 15

published: May 1, 2007

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2007/0123-0001

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A form of coccoid cyanobacterium, collected in Euganean thermal springs from cyanobacteria mats and ascribed to the Cyanobacterium genus has been described. Morphological, ultrastructural, pigment composition and molecular data characterizing this taxon are compared with other species included in the genus Cyanobacterium. The phylogenetic position of this strain has been investigated using 16S rDNA and ITS rDNA as molecular markers and the maximum likelihood and neighbour-joining methods. These results suggest that although the isolate shared features with a Japanese thermal strain (Cyanobacterium sp. MBIC10216), it might be considered a different taxon from previously described Cyanobacterium. For this strain the name Cyanobacterium aponinum is proposed.


cyanobacteriathermal mudcyanobacterium aponinummorphologyultrastructurepigments16s rdnaits rdna