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Draparnaldia appalachiana sp. nova (Chaetophoraceae, Chlorophyceae) from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Johansen, Jeffrey R.; Lowe, Rex L.

Algological Studies Volume 123 (2007), p. 35 - 45

published: May 1, 2007

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2007/0123-0035

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A new chaetophoralean green alga, Draparnaldia appalachiana Lowe et Johansen, is described from Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This new species is characterized by distinctly swollen axial cells, which are longer than wide, finely reticulate chloroplasts, presence of stalked fascicles which are distantly arranged on the axes, and axial cell size. Its sister taxon is likely Draparnaldia platyzonata Hazen.


chaetophoraleschlorophytadraparnaldia appalachianadraparnaldia platyzonatagreat smoky mountainstaxonomy