Original paper

Ecological and taxonomical remarks on planktic Cyanoprokaryota from Argentinean temperate shallow lakes

Tell, Guillermo; Allende, Luz; Izaguirre, Irina

Algological Studies Volume 127 (2008), p. 15 - 28

published: Aug 1, 2008

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2008/0127-0015

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This papers deals with the Cyanoprokaryotic planktic flora from six Argentinean temperate shallow lakes (35° and 37° S; 57° and 59° W) with different limnological characteristics. A total of 27 species were recorded, among them 22 are unicellular/colonial (Chroococcales), and 5 are filamentous (Oscillatoriales and Nostocales). Differences among the shallow lakes in relation to their underwater light quality (clear and turbid waters), accounted for significant differences in their Cyanoprokaryota assemblages: turbid shallow lakes with high phytoplankton biomass showed the highest Cyanoprokaryota abundances and low species richness, inorganic turbid shallow lakes exhibited very low abundances and richness, whereas clear vegetated lakes showed the highest blue-green algal richness and low abundances.


argentinacyanoprokaryotaecologyplanktonshallow lakestaxonomy