Original paper

Trachelomonas armata (Ehr.) Stein (Euglenophyceae) and related morphotypes from Argentina

Tell, Guillermo; Couté, Alain

Algological Studies Volume 128 (2008), p. 21 - 35

published: Oct 1, 2008

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2008/0128-0021

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This paper deals with the taxonomy of Trachelomonas armata (Ehr.) Stein (Euglenophyceae) and the related morphotypes found in Argentina. Ten infraspecific taxa of T. armata, one of T. dangeardii, five of T. megalacantha, and one of T. pyramidata from Argentina are included in this study. A cluster analysis on the data of 13 morphological characters was performed. The results obtained allow to propose two new combinations: T. dangeardii var. nana (= T. armata var. nana), T. megalacantha var. hemicalvata (= T. spectabilis var. hemicalvata), and two new states: T. dangeardii var. inevoluta (= T. armata fo. inevoluta) and T. armata var. javanica (= T. armata var. nana fo. javanica).