Original paper

Diatoms from the restored Mesopotamian marshes, South Iraq

AL-Handal, Adil; Yousif, Abdullah; Dawood, S.

Algological Studies Volume 133 (2010), p. 65 - 103

published: Apr 1, 2010

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2010/0133-0065

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This study is the first to provide a floristic list of the diatom flora in the restored Mesopotamian marshes in South Iraq. One hundred and sixteen taxa were recorded representing forty-nine genera. All taxa recorded are documented with light microscope micrographs. Owing to the change in the water chemistry after marsh restoration and rehabilitation, a relatively large number of taxa encountered have not previously been reported from the Iraqi inland waters (33 taxa). Diatom assemblages in the slightly brackish marshes were a mixture of taxa of variable environmental amplitudes and were represented by 42 % oligohalobous (indifferent), 30 % mesohalobous, and 25 % alkaliphilic forms. A small number of species of marine origin were found. Some acidophilic taxa were also frequently observed in these alkaline habitats.


brackish waterdiatomsmesopotamian marshessouth iraq