Original paper

Arthrospira fusiformis (Voronichin) Komarek et Lund (Cyanoprokaryota) A new species for Europe

Fužinato, Sanja; Fodora, Ana; Subakov-Simić, Gordana

Algological Studies Volume 134 (2010), p. 17 - 24

published: Jul 1, 2010

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2010/0134-0017

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The first algological research on salty puddles in two localities, Slatina and Pecčena Slatina near the river Tamiš, north-east Serbia, was carried out in 2003 and continued in 2006. These habitats are distinguished by a great amount of salt and increased pH value of water. The cyanobacterial species Arthrospira fusiformis (Cyanoprokaryota, Oscillatoriales), up to now mainly known from tropical regions in Africa and Asia, was found in the phytoplankton of both mentioned localities. The first occurrence of this particular species, which is typical of salty alkaline lakes in Africa, is remarkable in Serbia and is described.


arthrospira fusiformiscyanoprokaryotaeuropesalty puddleserbia