Original paper

The effects of Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer of Ulva lactuca on Capsicum annum

Sridhar, S.; Rengasamy, R.

Algological Studies Volume 138 (2012), p. 75 - 88

published: Apr 1, 2012

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2012/0012

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The seaweed liquid fertilizer derived from the green seaweed Ulva lactuca was used to study its effect on physical and biochemical parameters and yield of Capsicum annum (Chilly). The seaweed extract was found promoted maximum growth and yield at 1.0% concentration of SLF. The chilly plants applied with different proportions of recommended rate of chemical fertilizers plus 1.0% of SLF reveled that the plants that applied with 50% recommended rate of chemical fertilizers plus 1.0% of SLF showed better growth and yield and also the seaweed extracts increased protein content, soluble sugar and chlorophyll content of the third young leaves. The auxin and cytokinin content of seaweed extract were also analyzed.


seaweed liquid fertilizerulva lactucacapsicum annumcytokininauxin