Original paper

First observation of dinoflagellate resting cysts from recent sediments of the southeast coast of Iran

Attaran-Fariman, Gilan; Khodami, Sharareh; Bolch, Christopher J.S.

Algological Studies Volume 140 (2012), p. 51 - 79

published: Aug 2, 2012

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2012/0048

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The living dinoflagellate cyst flora of the southeast coast of Iran that borders the Oman Sea, are described for the first time. Forty cyst types were identified using a combination of morphological examination and germination of live specimens. Calciodinellid cysts (Scrippsiella and related species) dominated (> 80 %) the cyst assemblage at Pasabandar and Bahukalat estuary sites, while Protoperidinium (51 %) and Calciodinellid species (38 %) accounted for the majority of cysts in sediments from Chabahar Bay. Potentially harmful and toxic species were rare; however, the potentially toxic paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) species Alexandrium cf. tamarense was detected at Pasabander. The unusual trapezoidal microreticulate cyst of Gymnodinium trapeziforme was the commonest gymnodinoid cyst species detected at Pasabandar and Bahukalat.


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