Original paper

Polyphasic emended description of the filamentous prochlorophyte Prochlorothrix scandica Skulberg 2008

Velichko, Nataliya V.; Timofeyeva, Anna S.; Gavrilova, Olga V.; Averina, Svetlana G.; Ivanikova, Natalia V.; Pinevich, Alexander V.

Algological Studies Volume 141 (2013), p. 11 - 27

published: Apr 1, 2013

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2012/0044

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Chlorophyll b-containing, phycobiliprotein-less cyanobacterium ("prochlorophyte") Prochlorothrix scandica Skulberg 2008 represents the second species of the genus Prochlorothrix. Distinction between the strains P. scandica NIVA-8/90 and Prochlorothrix hollandica PCC 9006 (CCAP 1490/1T) is based predominantly on genomic DNA properties. The degree of DNA reassociation of the two strains is 5 %. Compared to P. hollandica, P. scandica possesses an additional rrn operon. In addition, there is a distinct polymorphism of the highly iterated short palindromes (Hip1). Among the phenotypic features different in the two species are cell morphology, growth temperature optimum and fatty acids content.


polyphasic taxonomyprochlorophytescyanobacteriaitship1prochlorothrixprochlorothrix scandica