Original paper

Investigations of cell morphology and reproduction in Macrochloris radiosa Ettl & Gärtner (Stephanosphaerinia, Chlorophyta) by light- and transmission electron microscopy

Holzinger, Andreas; Dablander, Andrea; Gärtner, Georg

Algological Studies Volume 144 (2014), p. 95 - 104

published: Apr 1, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2014/0179

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Cell division and reproduction of a cultivated strain of Macrochloris radiosa (Stephanosphaerinia clade) were studied by light- and transmission electron microscopy. Multinucleate cells were frequently observed allowing description of the cell structure and details of the reproduction process. Nuclear staining revealed the position of the multiple polymorphic nuclei between the chloroplast lobes. Ultrastructure of coenocytic cells showed no signs of cleavage of the protoplast in the cytoplasm, although basal bodies were already present within the multinucleate cells. In the further course of the reproduction, biflagellate zoospores were developed that retained their flagella during sporulation. Zoospores were subsequently released from the sporangia.


coenocytic green algaemultinuclear cellreproduction