Original paper

Morphology and occurrence of a marine epizoic diatom Falcula hyalina Takano (Bacillariophyta) in China

Li, Xue-Song; Chen, Chang-Ping; Liang, Jun-Rong; Wu, Wen-Zhong; Gao, Ya-Hui

Algological Studies Volume 145-146 (2014), p. 169 - 179

published: Oct 1, 2014

DOI: 10.1127/1864-1318/2014/0158

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The genus Falcula M. Voigt was first described by Voigt in 1961 and five species have been reported so far. However, Falcula has never been reported in domestic literature in China. In a study on diatom species composition of mariculture waters in Quanzhou City (118°41'E, 24°53'N), Fujian Province, and in mangrove waters of the Futian Mangrove Conservation Zone (114°04' E, 22°32' N), Shenzhen, China, Falcula hyalina Takano, an epizoic diatom species, was observed and identified by light and electron microscopy, representing the first record from coastal waters of China. Our results now show that the valve morphology and the biometrical data of this diatom are almost within the range recorded in the literature, including the original publications, although a broader size range of valves is found in our specimen (15–39 μm compared to 20–38 μm in length in type material). The taxonomic characteristics, ecological habit and distribution of F. hyalina are described in the present paper together with microscopical analyses.


diatomfalcula hyalinanew record