Review paper

Vegetative and reproductive morphology of five Spirogyra species (Zygnematales, Charophyta) 
in Argentina

Ferrer, Nora C.; Cáceres, Eduardo J.

Algological Studies (2000)

63 references

published online: Apr 7, 2017
manuscript accepted: Jun 27, 2016
manuscript revision received: May 4, 2016
manuscript revision requested: Jun 23, 2016
manuscript received: Dec 29, 2015

DOI: 10.1127/algol_stud/2016/0264

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Abstract: In this study five species of Spirogyra (Zygnemataceae) from lentic (pools, lagoons, lakes) and lotic (stream) habitats in the south of Buenos Aires province, Argentina, are described and illustrated in detail, with precision about their vegetative morphology, conjugation and zygospore ornamentation. Two of the species, S. ellipsospora and S. hyalina, are newly recorded for Argentina and the other three, i.e. S. quadrilaminata, S. maxima and S. majuscula, were previously mentioned with imprecise references and no illustrations for this country.


Argentina, conjugationCharophytaexosporesendosporemesosporeSpirogyraZygnemataceaeZygnemataleszygospores