Original paper

Gibt es Geschlechtsunterschiede in der Pråvalenz von Ûbergewicht und Adipositas bei Volksschulkindern aus Ostæsterreich?

Grandics, Petra; Kirchengast, Sylvia


Based on the data of 203 male and 179 female schoolchildren from Eastern Austria(Burgenland), aged between 6 and 10 years, sex typical differences in body composition (absolute and relative body fat, lean body mass)and weight status were analyzed. Body composition analyses were carried out by means of BIA method, weight status was estimated using BMI percentiles(BMI>90th percentile defined overweight, BMI>97th percentile defined obesity). Statistically significant sex differences were found for all body composition parameters, girls exhibited a significantly higher amount of absolute and relative body fat, whereas their male counterparts exhibited a significantly higher amount of lean body mass. Regarding weight status, no statistically significant sex differences were observable, however, a higher amount of girls could be classified as overweight or obese. Evolutionary and sociocultural explanations for these observations are discussed.


Overweightobesitybody compositionchildhoodgender differences